Monday, 17 February 2014

NYFW favourites

The Row

Firstly, lets all acknowledge how freakin' cosy the first two looks appear. Thank you.
The simplicity of this collection is what draws me to it so much, with the real focus being on texture and subtle, elegant shapes. Although some people may say the collection isn't striking, or bold, i feel the  sophisticated layering and refined structures make up for this. I may as well admit that I never branch out into "colour" anyway, which may have helped this collection become a winner for me.

3.1 Phillip Lim

One again I have been drawn to a collection where bold colours and pattern are not the main focus (although I have branched out into some colour which is very rare). I've been trying to think of a way to describe this collection without using the word "cool", but as I see each look all I can think of is how effortlessly chic it is. My favourite looks being those with leather layered with a shearling jacket, the boxy appearance and mix of textures with a youthful and effortless chic vibe (not to mention the perfect colour palette) and the playful "totes" bags give me great hope for next seasons trends.

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Thursday, 16 January 2014


I feel it'd be impossible to write a blog and not mention Kate Moss at some point, and today, her 40th birthday, is that day. Whatever argument you may have, I will never back down that Kate Moss is queen (of what? just everything). Originally I was going to share all my favourite photos of Kate, however I feel it'd be unfair to keep you scrolling for hours.
Happy birthday Kate x x x 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Come Walk With Me

(Photos by Eleanor Hardwick, via Sista, Sista - Rookie)

Some photos from the Sister, Sister edit my sister and I were part of in Rookie's Family issue.

Taking part in this made me think of all the things my sister does from me. I won't bore you with a sickly sweet paragraph bout the importance of family (although they are, my sister is my best friend), but those of you as lucky as I am to have a sibling they got on with will know how great it is, especially when it comes to clothes.
It's quite ironic that the only taste in clothes my sister really have in common is shoes, when due to size it's about the only thing we can't share, but nether the less I probably wouldn't wear what I do if I didn't have her. That's the best thing about having a sister as a best friend, honesty (it sounds strange, but it's honestly the greatest thing, i mean if i wasn't told that the skirt i was trying on looked ridiculous, i would be walking around in said disgusting skirt right now). As well as this, having someone who knows you inside out leads to the greatest christmas presents - you can call it superficial but i'm sure you would be happy at a vintage 60s faux fur coat too, happy and very very warm.
Moral/advice of the post: nick your sisters clothes when you can (like I may just have in these photos), or if you can't, listen to her opinion, because sisters know best. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

On Wednesday's, we wear pink

(Photos from tumblr,, jakandjil, net-a-porter, topshop, zara, french connection)

"I'm kind of psychic.. I can tell when it's going to rain".
It appears as if Karen from mean girls (if you haven't seen this film i suggest you watch it.. or leave) does in fact "have esp or something" as on Wednesday's, and most likely all of winter, we will be wearing pink.
When I was 5 I would refuse to leave the house unless I was wearing my essential pink tights, or any form of pink for that matter, so you can only guess my excitement last february when seeing that this winter, pink is back (although it and my inner 5 year old never really left for me).
For me, pink is a powerful colour. Ok, so it is stereotypically associated with little girls, barbie or ultra femininity, but to me it's this femininity which makes it powerful.  The ability to wear a colour which goes against societies assumptions of what is "serious", especially in the work place is one which should be shared everywhere (I may be thinking a bit too much about Elle Woods here, but it's true, she wore a heck of a lot of pink whilst being a great (fictional) lawyer). 
Over the years I feel pink has been generally avoided as a colour or trend, usually being considered as overtly feminine or a distraction from the clothes, but this year it's different. Soft shades of champagne and cameo on a structured masculine coat and delicate dusky jumpsuits make the perfect combination of sophistication and innocence. Likewise, this colour is brightening up winter. The dullest month of all and usually filled with black or grey (i may be going against myself here, as over half of my wardrobe is filled with these), has finally been hit by a spot of colour, what's not to like about that?

*Disclamer: I do not condone smoking, they just fit with the aesthetic. Although if you are set on smoking, pink sobranies would definitely be a different way to follow the seasons key colour..

Also a note to add, this weekend (Saturday 12th) NCS are offering the opportunity to take part in a zombie themed film competition. It's a really great opportunity, especially if you want any sort of career  in media, film or even make up and hair styling! If you want to know more visit their website to take part. Although not direct to fashion, it's a great way to get experience in the media industry, which has always been closely linked to fashion.